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hey<3 [20 Mar 2005|12:35am]

Hey this is to the Mod of this community. I'm Aimee the Mod of a brand new community Xo_So_Jelous and I was wondering if you would be intrested in becomming a sister site for the community. Just let me know asap.
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want to be beautiful

[22 Jan 2005|06:29pm]

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2 want to be beautiful

[21 Jan 2005|06:43pm]


Sorry guys but I'm leaving this community.
It's too unactive for my liking.
Your all welcome to apply at www.livejournal.com/community/_basic_black
9 chances of out of 10 you'll get accepted, unless we really don't like you.

1 want to be beautiful

[27 Dec 2004|12:40am]


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want to be beautiful

[25 Dec 2004|11:06pm]


Overall my christmas was okay..I wasn't excited at all though
I got everything I asked for.. plus more
Lets see:
-Dvd player
-Cd walkman
-Few cds
-clothes clothes and more clothes
-Daughters pride ring
-make up
-Dvds( dirty dancing<the original>, down to you, simply fabulous)
-Winters jacket

Ehh theres more.. but i can't recall it all at the moment
Anywho, I'm gonna go watch Dirty Dancing...merrrry christmas!

<33 Melissa

want to be beautiful

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